Bridge the gap between blockchain and traditional tech with the FantomStarter educational investment community

The cryptocurrency ecosystem gained a foothold in the mainstream consciousness throughout 2021 as the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have caught the eye of people from all corners of society from video game players to institutional investors.

Similar to the explosion of interest seen during the ICO-craze of the 2017-2018 bull market, the increased attention on cryptocurrency projects has led to an uptick in new project launches amidst an already crowded field of more than 13,000 protocols fighting for their slice of the market share.

Not all projects that are launching have the noblest of intentions from the outset, however, and even many of those that do will fail to obtain a sufficient amount of investment or attention needed to allow them to survive long term.

Just as many of the “whitepaper-only” ICOs from the last cycle completely vanished during the infamous ‘Crypto Winter’, a large number of the newly launched or already existing projects will fade away during the next bear market despite the hopes and wishes of their community of token holders.

But what if you could tap into the power of a dedicated community of investors and researchers and join in on the exploration process by evaluating up-and-coming protocol launches in exchange for the opportunity to gain early access to investing in the most promising ones?

Well, that is precisely the idea behind FantomStarter, the first multi-chain education, investment, and rating platform designed to attract a wide range of users, projects, and venture capitalists through the onboarding of both blockchain projects as well as traditional tech startups.

This one-of-a-kind platform for decentralized investments is set to transform the current investment platform paradigm by engaging its user base to form the largest collaborative ecosystem of Investors who research projects, rate/score, and submit a report analysis on newly developed projects.

To become an ethical and robust ecosystem that offers a framework for finding the most promising emerging opportunities for its user base, FantomStarter is designed to help investors of all types wade through the sea of scam projects and rug pulls to find the real gems with the potential to ‘moon’.

By tapping into the research capabilities of a collective, the FantomStarter ecosystem unmasks a project’s true value and makes its value proposition transparent to its end users, the investors.

The decentralized nature of the FantomStarter protocol enables investors to take advantage of the early-stage prices typically reserved for large investment funds and venture capital firms and maximize the possible returns in the same way that Wall Street fat cats have done for decades.

With a supportive and knowledgeable community of experienced crypto investors, FantomStarter offers the ideal environment for those new to the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology to learn the common pitfalls and mistakes known to lead to a loss of funds or scam investment as well as learn how to identify projects with long-term potential.

Each user gets the personalized dashboard that gives them access to the knowledge base of the community and allows them to contribute to the ecosystem by submitting reviews of projects that they have researched in return for community points.

FantomStarter’s uncommon approach of integrating both traditional tech projects as well as blockchain protocols makes it uniquely positioned to help bridge the gap between the legacy financial system and the emerging DeFi metaverse while offering its users access to the most promising new projects from both.

It’s not often that something comes along that helps level the playing field between the average person and the top 1%, but when it does it’s a blessing for those who are lucky enough to come across it. FantomStarter is precisely one of those opportunities as it helps empower users with well-researched facts and not the flashy marketing typically used to misinform the public to the benefit of multinational corporations.

From the four-figure retail investor to the Wall Street hedge fund manager, FantomStarter offers a decentralized educational center designed to provide every user with the missing link that they have been looking for to take their investment game to the next level.

If long-term investing success and a deeper understanding of financial markets sounds appealing, you won’t want to miss out on getting in on the ground floor for this unique, once-in-a-generation opportunity.




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