I think it’s high time many societies around the world work to abolish the so-called democracies that are restricting the rights of individuals.

The below is a direct excerpt of Marty’s Bent Issue #1093: “It is our God given right to alter or abolish our current government.” Sign up for the newsletter here.

Above is but one tweet in a long thread of sanity from our good friend Miles Suter. The thread starts with this tweet:

When the Founding Fathers declared their independence from the British Monarchy, they left the above message not only as a justification for their actions at the time, but as guiding principle for any civilization of people to come after them. And freaks, I think it’s high time many societies around the world begin to take these guiding principles to heart and work to abolish the many so-called democracies around the world that are restricting the rights of the individuals within their countries. Whether it be the US, Canada, Australia, or a number of other countries who market themselves as free societies; people need to begin standing up and asserting their rights by actively ignoring and disobeying leaders who deserve absolutely no respect.

There have been rumors flying that many airline pilots and air traffic controllers in the US have been engaging in civil disobedience by staging coordinated “sick-outs” to send a message to an airline industry and a federal government that are attempting to thrust vaccine mandates on them. Your Uncle Marty has been unable to confidently discern what is actually going on as there is an insane amount of conflicting information coming from many different sources. None of which I have much trust in. However, we do know that thousands of flights have been canceled over the last few days.

I would not be the least surprised if a sick-out is actually happening. I hope it is, and if it is, I hope it continues. The tyrants running this country need to feel pain. They need to be disobeyed. They need to be embarrassed. Their power needs to be abolished because it has grown too strong. This is not how a Constitutional Republic is supposed to operate.

Which brings us back to Miles’ tweet at the top of this rag. Individuals need to exit the system by displaying civil disobedience. This communicates to the tyrants that their power is fickle. All it takes is a minority of strong willed men and women to send a message. A message that communicates that it is the citizens who actually hold the power in our society. The individuals who wake up and go to work every day to do their jobs as part of a complex economic organism that is dependent on its individual parts functioning well. If some of these individuals feel they are being lorded over instead of treated like free people with inalienable rights, they can disrupt the complex economic organism by refusing to obey and refusing to do their jobs. If coordinated and sustained, their civil disobedience can send a very strong message. It seems like that could be happening in the airline industry at the moment. Again, I hope it is.

Beyond this, individual states need to begin asserting their autonomy more aggressively. We witnessed states begin to do this over the last two years as the federal government grew drunker and drunker with power. The trend needs to expand and accelerate moving forward. Here’s to hoping that it does.

Finally, we need to hit them where it hurts, their purse. More specifically, their control of the purse. This is why bitcoin is such a powerful tool and one that should be adopted as quickly and by as many people as possible. The control over the money – whether it be how it is created or how it can be sent and received – is a very high leverage form of control. Adopting bitcoin destroys that leverage and levels the playing field for individuals.

Freedom in the Digital Age can be achieved. We can escape the nightmare federal governments around the world are creating for their citizens. In fact, it is the Right of the People to actively attempt to do so. Are you willing to stand up and fight back?

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