Hong Kong, July 16, 2021 – Antminer Maintenance Training Center (AMTC), formally known as Ant Training Academy (ATA), has re-opened and begun registration for participants to learn mining hardware maintenance and mining facility optimization. AMTC is a training service program launched by Bitmain based on knowledge dissemination, technology inheritance, and accumulation. It is the only training institution and certification authority in the industry that is officially certified by Antminer.

AMTC has released two types of courses. The
first is maintenance training, where customers can learn the skills to deal
with the latest Antminer faults independently. The second course is operations
and maintenance training. Participants will learn to understand the process and
foundations of improving the efficiency of a mining facility. Participants can
choose from the different courses according to their needs.

AMTC had mainly previously conducted
training courses in China and held maintenance training in the United States in
2019. Now two years later, AMTC is returning to the United States. The training
center will set up training courses in multiple states in the country,
simultaneously offering Antminer maintenance courses and data center
maintenance courses. The first training launch is in August. Kindly click the
link below for more information.

Operation & Maintenance Training Maintenance Training
8.16-8.22 8.30-9.10
Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia

& Maintenance Training





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